It’s all about people

FlatBear Consulting specialises in business project work, always driving towards a positive end result for our clients.

Our focus is on the people side because it is people who ultimately make projects succeed. Where possible, we work with our clients to ensure success using their regular working styles to make the inevitable change more easily accepted.

We have deep knowledge and experience of many implementation methods and models and have identified those aspects that consistently lead to success. That means that we can work within any client’s desired methodology and ensure that it is used most appropriately.

Historically our background was in change brought about by IT systems implementations, typically ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) deployments. Nowadays the technical knowledge is particularly useful to help with increasingly complex business environments as IT forms the backbone of most business operations.

We are regularly engaged on client sites through consultancies that have been contracted to run the projects.

All work since 2002 has come through direct personal recommendation.